Ambien is a drug (having the properties of a sedative) that is used to treat insomnia and is available in immediate-release and extended-release tablets. The immediate-release tablets make you fall asleep as soon as you get to the bed whereas the extended-release Ambien tablet’s first layer help you to fall asleep slowly and the second layer of the drug helps you keep asleep. Patients who take the drug for a longer time frame are prone to withdrawal symptoms.  Individuals who cannot control the urge, go back to take the drug again and buy Ambien online, as the drug cannot be bought without a prescription.

This is how a friend of mine who took Ambien for more than two years, as prescribed by his physician, ended up. Things were fine in the initial stages and he was able to get a sound sleep. I was able to see him sleep well, as previously he would watch me sleep.

Buy Ambien Online
Buy Ambien Online

Not able to sleep for years, he decided to meet a health care professional suggested a friend of mine. Hoping that things will get better my friend and me went to meet the doctor with an appointment.

One of the sickening thing which we did after listening to our friend who suggested about the doctor and the drug – we actually planned to buy Ambien without prescription, and eventually we failed, as it seems the drug can be bought only with a prescription.

Getting the appointment was another hell of thing which I could not explain in plain text, as he is one of the busy physicians specialized in treating disorders that are related to insomnia.  After few diagnosis, the health care professional suggested the same prescription which we were about to ask. Yes, he prescribed Ambien for my friend. The doctor also clearly explained us about the side effects, how the drug should be consumed and why not to give the drug to others.

Right from the day, my friend started to take the dose as prescribed by the doctor, he sleeps well and there is no trouble for him while sleeping. Things were pretty good and everything went well. He did fine at office and at home. Excelled in whatever work he did, but the story did not end up in good.

Taking the drug for more than two years, he started to develop a dependency on the drug and he started to order Ambien online with the prescription he had. I really did not know how he managed to get the drug online when there are thousand and one formalities while buying the drug online.  The initial dose that was prescribed for him was 5mg and he continued with the same for a year and more. As he developed a dependency towards Ambien, he gradually started to increase the dose by himself without consulting the health care professional.

As months passed, he the tolerance he had towards the drug was unbelievable. He said me that even if he takes 10mg Ambien daily before sleep, he is not able to sleep better. So to get a sleep, he takes more than 10mg daily, on hearing this, I was shocked and again had to arrange an appointment with the doctor.

After few interventions, the doctor advised my friend to continue the drug. (Me: Shocked)

He said as why to continue the drug. He wanted my friend to lower the dose gradually than stopping it abruptly, as doing so might induce withdrawal symptoms (Thought to myself another headache). The physician also advised my friend to stop buying Ambien online for further use.

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