My husband and I had a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunication. We were not in good terms and the one thing which led us there was that I was not able to get pregnant naturally. Due to this particular reason, our friends and relatives started to tease my husband about his manhood. My husband was a great man and he took all the shame on him and never gave up on me. We tried and tried for more than two years, but still, I couldn’t get pregnant. Unable to withstand the daily shame my husband is going through; I decide to meet a gynecologist for help, though I was advised by few to buy Clomid online than visiting a doc.

Buy Clomid Online
Buy Clomid Online

I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and thus came the truth to light. After the diagnosis, the doc prescribed me Clomid; just like few of my friends but the dosage he recommended was entirely different than what my friends said. Thank god, I did not listen to them.

I discussed the same with my husband about meeting the doc and the medication he prescribed for me. He was quite content with what I did and he encouraged me to take the medication. As were on a budget, we thought of all possible ways to cut short our expenditures.

After hours of discussion about where to buy Clomid, we came to a conclusion that we will buy the medication online instead of buying from the local drug stores that are available in our living area.  We started to compare the price from various online drug stores that sell Clomid; surprisingly the online price range is far less than when compared to that of the local drug stores.

My husband and I did a small research about buying online and the out of that was anew, as we have never bought drugs online but still managed to buy.

  • I would be one of the greatest fools, if I have bought Clomid without prescription. The drug is a prescription drug and should be prescribed by a health care professional alone. If you are planning to buy the drug without a prescription, forget that.
  • Buying the drug online saves a lot of money and energy. Isn’t this we are looking for? Who would not want to save money?
  • The other most important thing is the delivery system. These online drug stores have the capability to deliver the ordered drug within the mentioned turnaround time.  I would prefer buying online rather than going to the local drug stores that do no deliver my purchase at my door step.
  • The local drug stores are bound by time whereas the online pharmacies are not bound by time. Drugs can be bought online anytime that is convenient and the rest will be taken care by the online pharmacies.
  • Apart from door delivery and others, you also get the access to choose which the manufacturer of your choice.
  • When I was going through all the online drug stores, I also found this part interesting. All the sites were providing discounts to all medications. Few sites are also providing reward points and other schemes for all buyers.

What else do you need apart from the above mentioned. So if you are planning to purchase Clomid online, I would say that is the best choice than buying from local drug stores.  Also one important point to remember while you buy online is that, you cannot buy the medication without a prescription from a health care professional.  Ensure that the payment methods you are using are feasible for you before you add to cart the medications.


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