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Carisoprodol Drug Mart,

315 Martin Luther King Jr Way,

Tacoma, AL-98405.


Kindly Note it: Generally, we are selling Soma medications online legally, right now we do not have a concerned person to handle the phone calls so our phone number has not given on our site. In case if you need to know about your order status, kindly drop your enquiry to our email as we will respond to you within 1 business day so don’t make a call us if you find any number in any of the websites. We know that few peoples would prefer telephone instead of email but we do not have the option as of now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Order Enquiry – Send your order details to The details should be enclosed with name and order number. We require some time to find out the status of your order and get back to you as soon as possible. We can resolve any other issues or queries raised by our customers. We send the receipt based on your request mail if it is your preferred option. Please do not ask your query through phone and any other communication medium such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Don’t wait for so many days after you have filled out the contact form and sent it to us. Just email us your enquiries even though you have sent the message via contact form because our server sometimes failed to send response message or put it in a spam for different reasons and may not come to our notification. Again we apologize for this service. Reaching our website through any other methods rather than email will lessen your response time.

Bulk Purchase Enquiry – State your information clearly in the contact form what amount of pills required. So we can supply the medicines at a discounted price for you. And in your future purchase, there is a chance for you to avail best deals on Carisoprodol medication from our side.

General Enquiry – Kindly drop your general query regarding the order tracking or any other information to our email id which has cited above. Email messages are most welcome by our online pharmacy.

Quick Enquiry Form – This is Carisoprodol Drugmart’s quick enquiry form. As per the above details fill this form and send your details to us. To know about your queries and suggestions.