Important information before you Get Carisoprodol Online

Before taking Soma, you need to ensure that you are not allergic to get Carisoprodol online (the drug in Soma) or to meprobamate. You should also ensure that you are not suffering from porphyria, kidney disease, liver disease, epilepsy or any other seizure disorder. Having any of these will need special adjustment in dosage. Inform the doctor if you are suffering from any of these beforehand so that he can give you the dosage accordingly.

Make sure you don’t share this medication with someone else. It is a serious offence morally and against the laws of some countries as well. Understand that the drug is prescribed for your medical condition and the other person’s medical condition may be different. It might affect the other person in a negative way as well.

If you are on prescription, make sure you don’t do things which need you to be alert and awake. Don’t drive or operate some machinery or get involved in dangerous works on the days when you are in medication.

Avoid alcohol and certain kinds of medicines like cold or allergic medicines, sleeping pills, narcotic medicines, and muscle relaxers. This might add to the dizziness and drowsiness caused by Soma. Do not stop using Soma suddenly without consulting the doctor. You might reduce the dosage and slowly stop taking it.


You should take Soma according to the prescription. Do not attempt taking higher dosages of the drug or for a longer time than the prescribed quantity. If the dosage prescribed by a doctor has not treated you completely, do consult the doctor again.


Overdoses will not help you in improving your condition. The effects can be more damaging. Soma is taken orally. You should take each medicine with a full glass of water. Take rest and some physical therapy to make the effect of the medicine effective.If you have plunged into a state of anxiety as a result of severe muscle pain, you can purchase valium online and consume the pills in frequent intervals.

Missing a dose

Moreover, if you have missed a dose, take it as soon as you remember. If the time is almost up and if you are ready to take your next dose, skip the previous one but don’t take an extra dose to make up for the missed one. Don’t take 2 two doses! You can take soma with or without having food. However, ensure that you had something to make the medicine effective!

Side Effects

An overdose of Soma can have many effects like vision problems, increased heartbeat, shallow breathing, hallucinations, feeling dizzy, muscle stiffness and you might even faint. Seek a medical attention as soon as possible.

User shares experience on buying Soma online

Being an athlete, I run for miles every single day and I make sure that I go miles in the morning and as well as in the evenings. This has been my routine for years and one fine day, while on the run, I suddenly slipped and had a muscle cramp in my right calf muscle. You wouldn’t believe that I literally fell to the ground and was not able to walk. I had to call my driver to pick me up and after hours of rest, I called up my health care professional and said what had happened. He replied me back that he is not in town and would be returning back next week. I explained him again about my situation and wanted him to provide me a solution. So he said that he would be sending the prescription via mail and to buy the drug (Soma, which he said over the phone) online if it is really very urgent.

Till I get the prescription through the mail from my health care professional, I thought maybe I can peek into the internet and check how to buy Soma online and what are the necessary thing that I should be checking before I buy online. As I haven’t bought drugs online previously, I thought maybe I can look into the basics, so that I do not get into any kind of trouble both money-wise and health-wise.  I looked into many websites to make sure that I get all the information correct and I do not miss any of it. There was a site that included all of the information, which I would like to share with you all, to make sure that there would be someone like me to know this kind of information and few first timers.

Before deciding on the online drug store, make sure that the price difference should be compared from various sites, to make sure that you do not get cheated. It was also mentioned to check the price difference from the local drug stores but that is not possible with me, as I am on my bed and actually go to the stores to check them.

Apart from this the most important thing that mattered to me is that I want the drug to be delivered overnight and not a few days later. I want the drug to be delivered on the same day itself. There was also a solution for this too.  It was mentioned on the site that you need to look for the address of the online pharmacy and buy from a site that is very close to your province. This also means that if you buy Soma online overnight delivery is possible.

Finally, I got the prescription from my health care professional and he has prescribed 350mg of Soma. I took my laptop to buy soma 350mg for three days like it was prescribed on the prescription. I made the payment within minutes after I added the order to the cart. I received the drug on the same day and I must special to the website that guided me buying the drug online.

After three days of Soma medication, my muscle cramp in the calf muscle got relieved and I was able to run again and continue my regular running. The drug really helped me in curing the cramp.

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