How use of soma in nursing women affect their infants?

Soma in nursing womanAlmost every drug has side effects on the infants because the infant`s body organs are not that way stronger that it can bear the effects by certain efficacious drugs. So it is widely advised for pregnant ladies to not take soma medication. But in the case of soma, it can be used by the mother but with certain limits. If the mother is abusing the drug instead of taking it as a normal medication, soma can harm the infant and also the milk production in the mother. Yet, if the drug is taken in an appropriate manner with certain limitations, it will supplement the infant and in some cases, soma medication has resulted in the increase of the milk in the mother. People can visit reputed online pharmacies, to get more information on how to purchase Soma and what are all the other benefits of this medication, if it is consumed as advised by the doctor.

Soma actually contains the active ingredient, Carisoprodol which can be quite unsuitable for the infants. Soma pill is very often required by the mother, it need not be necessarily be discontinued while breastfeeding to the infants. There is a slight sedation observed in a breastfeed newborn baby who was exposed to soma during pregnancy and the lactation period; this sedation was observed much more pronounced in the infants who were exposed to Soma for the very first time during nursing. Any other agents can also be preferred, especially when nursing any preterm infant or the newborn, or when some other drugs which can cause sedation are also used simultaneously. But this should be done only by consulting a reputed and licensed medical professional so that you are safe with whatever drug you take.

How to take Soma safely during nursing months

While a mother is on soma and she is breastfeeding the infant, she should take care of the common interactions and should not take any other harmful drug or medication with it. The main ingredient in Soma is carisoprodol which is mostly excreted into the human milk in almost the concentrations two to four times in comparison with the maternal plasma of body. Some of the very adverse effects in the nursing infants were noticed but are also theoretically possible to have those effects on the infant. The caution for this is highly recommended if the component carisoprodol which is administered to the nursing woman.

According to a case study by a researcher, the infant which breastfed received almost about 4% to 6% of the dose which is given to the mother through the breast milk which the infant consumes and can experience no adverse effects from the soma. However, in some cases, the milk production in the mother was inadequate and also the infant was supplemented with this soma formula.

During the animal lactation studies, it was observed that the female offspring weight and offspring life at some weaning was decreased till some limit. One should get a doctor’s advice to use soma or carisoprodol in nursing women as it may lead to the reduced or very less effective infant feeding and in some of the cases, it also leads to the decreased milk production.

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