We were about to divorce though everything was fine. You must be wondering why we were about to divorce when everything is fine.  I know this might sound embarrassing to you; imagine the kind of embarrassment I would be going through daily. I sometimes I cannot look into my wife’s eyes.  Yes, I do have erectile dysfunction and I am really ashamed to meet a doctor, who can treat the disorder. After little internet research and advice from few of my friends, I planned to buy Levitra online. Indeed I bought the drug online but was not sure about the dose I should be taking.

Buy Levitra Online
Buy Levitra Online

Before you buy Levitra Online make sure that I take the right kind of dose, I made a visit to the nearest health care professional to seek his advice on the same.  I told what my problem was, how I managed to get the drug and how I was very ignorant about using the drug.  He said me to calm down and told that I have done the right thing.

While I was doing small research on the drug and about the erectile dysfunction, one of the most horrific things I came across was that a man took erectile dysfunction pill had hard erection that it lasted for a day and he was not able to leave out from his house. Reading this I was shocked and I did not take the drug which I bought online.

I began to ask how and when did it all start and how I got to know that I am suffering from erectile dysfunction. I detailed him everything.  The doc advised me to bring the pills which I bought online without a prescription and he questioned me how did I manage to buy Levitra online without prescription.

I took the pills with me and met the doc.

The doc said that I have bought the right medication and he suggested me a dose that I thought would be less but he said everything would be fine and need not worry.

He also asked me to take the medication half an hour before having sexual activity and I did the same.

You must ask my wife about the day when I took Levitra. I must say pure levitation it was. She was happy more than me.  Every time we plan for having sex, I take Levitra in prior to make my wife happy and this how we ended up having a baby last year.

So if you are in the same situation, all I could give you is some free advice, so that you do not end up hurting your and getting into embarrassment.

  • Do not buy cheap ed pills that are available over the internet. They may be not genuine and the risks would be higher than benefits.
  • Buying the drug without a prescription is not advisable. It is always best to consult with a healthcare professional before you buy, as he would be suggesting the exact dosage you should be taking.
  • Levitra cannot be used if you do not have an erection. Only if you are capable of erection, the drug should be consumed.  Apart from taking the pill, stimulation should be given to the reproductive organ.
  • Talk the pill in prior, so that you will allow the drug to interact with you and you too will have enough time for foreplay.

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