Buy Carisoprodol online through Carisoprodol Drugmart website and pay the amount for your order medication quickly and precisely with a few mouse clicks.

Choose from any our safe and fast mode of payments based on your convenience. We will provide assurance that all of your personal details and payment information are highly secured and safe.


  • Make sure that you have enough money for the transaction prior to the purchase of medicine online.
  • Once Carisoprodol drug mart debits your accounts you will receive the phone message in case if your phone number linked to your bank account.
  • Suppose of your payment transaction completed successfully and do not receive a receipt within half an hour, kindly contact our customer support team.
  • For information about the refunds of medicine purchases done through our online pharmacy, kindly do visit our Refund Policy page.
  • Refund amount will be transferred to the same card or account which used in making a purchase with us.

Carisoprodol Drugmart provides three type of payment mode options to all of our customers so it will be easy for them to choose any one of the payment mode based on their convenience. The payment methods Carisoprodol Drugmart offer to our drug buyers are:

1.Credit/ Debit Cards( VISA & MasterCard)

2.E-Check (Electronic-Check)

3.Western Union

Carisoprodol Drugmart enhanced security checks on Debit and Credit cards. If you have chosen Credit Card during the purchase of medicine with an online payment, you will be asked to enter the card number and CVV number, a 3-digit code printed at the backside of the credit card. Thereafter you need to provide 3-D Secure code which has been given to you during the time of linking your credit card with security service. When all transaction process comes to end, your order will be processed and you receive the order confirmation either via mail or phone message.

You can complete the order process within 5 minutes. Carisoprodol Drugmart do not disclose any additional charges along with the payment bill. Upon receiving your order, our representative will make a call to your number and ask the confirmation your medicine order. Our customer support team process all the orders we receive through our website.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other mode of payment rather than listed on this page?

As of now, Carisoprodol Drugmart accepts only three payments(E-Checks, Credit/Debit cards, and Western Union). But in future, we are going to bring other three payment modes such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, and BitCoins to our online pharmacy and these are under the progress right now.

 Will the money transaction are secured and safe on your site?

The details that you have provided to our site are highly secured and protected with the 128-bit secure connection. Even our customer support team can view your first and last 4-digit number of your card yet Carisoprodol Drugmart have a 3-D secure page. And moreover, we do not share the details with any other third-parties.

Why there is no American Express Card payment facility on your site?

Carisoprodol Drugmart have some technical issues backside of our server in running American Express Cards. Hence you have to select from any of the above three payment modes to complete the order process.

Why is it necessary to provide my bank name during the payment process?

Bank name is required to process the transaction because it is an international transaction.