This is to rule out the data accessing process which is carried out through the internet and other e-networks. With any regards to these policies and conditions can be clarified by our customer care executive. This should be done before accessing our website. Kindly make note that all the information Carisoprodol Drugmart collect from our customers will be processed under the protection act of 1988.

Information we collect from our user

Carisoprodol Drugmart includes online forms, emails, contact page where the user can contact us by providing their identity info. The personal details such as their contact info are used to provide updates regarding the products and services, to process any request and queries from them, promoting our new arrivals, updating with new changes and products and for market research.

Access to your information

The data that Carisoprodol Drugmart collects from the users will be used to provide an update you on our products related to your preference and choices. If you feel annoying you may stop the service immediately by contacting us via email or contact form. Once our executives viewed your request the service will be stopped immediately.

The product-related information that we send you is related to your product preference and choices. At any point, you may quit the communication of our service with you via emails.

Secured access

The data Carisoprodol Drugmart collects from the users will not be shared with any third party. If we are in need to submit the information under law or disclosures as it is necessary for us to submit the data to national security, taxation or any criminal investigation.

External links

In our provided, Carisoprodol Drugmart may be given you links which will direct you to other websites for reference which will have a separate privacy policy of them and will not be included under our privacy terms. Hence to access and use that information you should view their privacy terms.

Right to know

Carisoprodol Drugmart collects and holds some information about our customer and our customer has the complete right to know what information do we collect and hold in person. You can send a request to our customer care executive in accordance to this.

Secured connection

The data Carisoprodol Drugmart share and get will be processed through the internet. And all this data is secured and safe to transfer. By agreeing and accessing data this way you agree with the processing of information in this way.