Find out how you can save 35% by our FGP35 offer?

Soma is an important prescription medication. The drug is prescribed widely as it can help alleviate pain from taut muscles, soreness in the muscles, and any kind of muscle injuries which are usually faced by athletes and those who train their body too much. Some persons may be required to take this drug quite often, which they may not be able to do if they do not have insurance cover to afford the medication.

There are many ways through which one can get Soma at a heavily discounted rate. Using these options can help bring down the cost of the medication and also garner savings.

Now FGP35 is available, then why pay the full price of the drug?

What is FGP35?

FGP35 is our new promo code for the new users. The meaning of this FGP35 is nothing but “Forget The Pain” 35 indicates the 35% offer(15% normal offer + 25% for new customers). While purchasing the Soma if you are a new customer you can use this code to get the offer.

How to use the FGP35 promo code?

Here are the steps to use the FGP35 promo code.

  1. Visit the shop section, Choose the pills and click “Add to cart”. Automatically it will be added to your cart.step-1
  2. Then go to the cart option.There you will see your order.Review your order whether it is the same that you need.step-2
  3. Once these okay click on the “Check out” option.step-3
  4. After the check out option, you can see the promo code option.There enter the “Promo Code” option and enter your details and proceed to the payment option.Here you can see your pill will have 35% of the reduced amount.step-4
  5. Then make the payment and receive the order.step-5

What is the validity of this offer?

This offer will end on May 31, 2018. Before that make the enough Soma purchase to save a lot.

Any other offer to reduce cost?

We always understand the problems of our customers. So for all purchase up to May 31, 2018, we will reduce 15% from their pill. For upcoming offers and details please subscribe to our blogs.

Am a new customer but this offer is not working for me?

May that was the problem with our system. So these time kindly call our customer care team to clear this issues. They can’t able to make any changes to the system. But after the payment, they will raise a ticket for the refund the money. Once the ticket proceeds, we will return your money to your bank within 2 working days.

Is any phone booking option available?

Yes, Carisoprodol Drugmart is basically a local store this our online platform which is managed by our third party team only. Call directly to our customer care team they will take the phone booking option. They will verify your details without existing database option. Once everything was done they will send the package directly to your home. There we will get the amount of the package.

For more details call us or raise a query at contact us page. We will reply you as soon as possible based on the queue.

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