Initial delivery

All the orders will be processed and the product will be made to reach the address within 10 to 14 working days Monday to Friday by 2 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST). As a precautionary measure to avoid wrong delivery, your registered address will be verified in our system to ensure the location exists. If the residence you provide a return as invalid, our executives will contact you to verify the provided information.

Product tracking

From the time your order has been placed, the tracking number will be sent to your registered mobile number and email id. The orders you placed can be tracked from your account using the tracking number provided. It might take few minutes to enter the respective delivery service system.

Free cost shipping

All US orders exceeding $100 USD and other international orders purchasing above $300 USD will be provided shipping at free of cost. Once the cost of your purchase has reached $100, and $300 for international purchase the shipping cost will be deducted automatically.

Domestic Shipping

The orders placed from the domestic areas will be shipped possibly on the same day and the pack might take up to 2 to 3 business days to reach you. This is the standard processing days by EMS through which our products will be delivered. The cost of shipping your products to your location through EMS will be charged $80 USD.


In the USA Carisoprodol Drugmart won’t sell our products in the following areas because of the legal issues in these states.

  • Alabama, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee or Arkansas.

International shipping

All the international order Carisoprodol Drugmart isreceiving will be shipped through Airmail service. This usually lends about 10 to 14v business days to deliver your product. While ordering your product you could see the tax, shipping cost and product cost will be listed clearly for your reference hence the user will be debited with charges displayed on your payment page no additional charges will be debited from you. The import or customs duties will not be included on our customer’s invoice as we will be clearing it by our side. Also, the cost of shipping is standard people ordering any number of package and from any different location will be charged $ 40 USD for standard Airmail. The user while ordering should be gone through their countries liabilities such as the customs premises and legal policies. If the product is held by customs under any cause the user can claim for refund or reship the new pills.

If you have received any seizure mail or letter from the customs it is necessary to forward the copy of the letter to us. On receiving this we will contact your customs and will send a legal request to unblock the seized shipment.

Refund and return policy

Carisoprodol Drugmart will take on the responsibilities if the mistake was done on our side. As we cannot sell the defected and damaged product again we will not request you to resend the pack back to us. For every reasonable claim of refund, the invoice amount of the customer will be refunded after confirmation. The user if desired to cancel the order placed then they could rise the mail to our customer care executives from where the request will be processed and your amount will be refunded. For orders canceled before delivery will not be included ant shipping charge. If the buyer cancels and returns the package at the time of arrival will be refunded excluding their shipping charges.

Product missing or defected

If the product is missing or damaged then you can contact our customer care members and the product will be returned back to you at free of cost. The customer can check for their account within 5 to 7 days from receiving the confirmation order from our executives. If we have delivered you the wrong dosage of Tramadol. And if we have any trouble in shipping the product to your location.


Also, there are some exceptions such as if the user has provided a wrong address. And if the user didn’t like the brand of the pill. Such conditions will not be considered as eligible to claim a refund. Hence we consider this on a serious note and if can such fraud attempt of refund is detected from our side the user will be included under the no sell list which restricts the person from making future orders from us.

The user if needed to continue their access then shall contact our customer care executives by sending a mail to them. They will respond and will process your request within 48 hours. After receiving a confirmation mail from us you can check for our access to place order of Soma again.