If you are visiting Carisoprodol Drugmart and continue buying Soma from Carisoprodol Drugmart then it means that you abide by our terms and conditions. This also includes our policies and other conditions. The terms and conditions are applicable for all the users in the website and there is no exception. Even the browsers, readers, merchants, vendors and customers should abide by it.

Reading the conditions in detail is very important prior accessing our site. If you are using it no matter whether you read the terms or not it is still considered as that you agree with these. Those individuals who do not agree to the terms and conditions can simply stop using the website.

Even the tools or any features that are suddenly added to the online pharmacy is subjected to the terms and conditions. This site owns the right to change, update or delete any part of the terms of service. The users are supposed to check this page more often and stay updated. Any change or modification would be done without any prior notice. The terms and conditions that are included are taken in to practice from the minute it is uploaded.

1: Online store terms

When you accept the terms and services you also mean that you are above 18 years of age. You are not supposed to belong to Alabama, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee or Arkansas.

The product should not be used for any illegal purpose. The violation would be seriously taken into an account. Never transmit any worms or viruses to this site at any cost. The person who has breached any of these terms would be terminated from the usage of Carisoprodol Drugmart and no service would be offered.

2: General conditions

Carisoprodol Drugmart has the right to decide on whom to provide the service and whom not to. Any information that you are offering right from your name to the credit card number everything would be encrypted. These encrypted details would be passed on to various networks.

The user of the website is not supposed to copy, duplicate, sell or reproduce any of the information. You are not supposed to use it for any business purposes. Getting permission in order to use it is mandatory. However, we have the right to deny your request due to certain reasons.

3: Accuracy of the information

The information that is offered on Carisoprodol Drugmart is created by the experts. We would not give surety that the details are accurate. The information that is provided should be taken only for a general purpose. You are not supposed to rely on it completely while making decisions according to your health. The medical field is getting updated more quickly and due to this, certain information gets outdated. If you are relying on the information on the website then it is done only at your own risk.

Carisoprodol Drugmart would be updating the information from time to time. You have to keep monitoring on the changes that are made and stay updated.

4: Modification of the price and service

The drug prices might change without any prior notice. This can happen especially when Carisoprodol Drugmart is offering discounts on the products. Carisoprodol Drugmart owes the right to discontinue any of the services without noticing you. if the changes are made by the third parties with respect to price or discontinuation of the service then we would not be liable for it.

5: Products or services

There are certain services and products that are available for you through the site. If you do not want to accept the service or the product then you have to speak with the customer care team. If you want to return the product then you can read about our return policy.

In this website, we have displayed the color, image or size of the product that you can get from us. There might be some change in the appearance and this is because of the lighting, and monitor display. So we would not guarantee on this.

Carisoprodol Drugmart owns the right to limit the service or product to a certain person or certain places. This might be done based on the scenarios. We also own the right to limit the quantity of service or product that we offer. The changes that we are doing on the site should be accepted by the users. There is also a right for us to discontinue any service or product to the user at any time.

The quality of the tablets, products or any service that you get from us is not warranted. If any error has occurred in the service then it would be corrected immediately.

6: Billing accuracy and account information

Carisoprodol Drugmart has the right to refuse any order that is made here. There is a limit to obtain and it is subjected to per person or per order. There might be restrictions on the orders that are made under the same user account, shipping address or credit card. In this scenario, we make certain changes in the order or we would as well cancel it. This information would be notified to you with the help of your email address, phone number or your address.

The user agrees to offer complete and accurate purchase details that are made in this online pharmacy. You are supposed to update your account with the right information. This can be credit card details, phone number, email address or your name. only when the details offered are right we can do the proper transaction and we can contact you when needed.

7: Optional tools

You might be allowed to access the third party tools. Carisoprodol Drugmart would not control or monitor any of your activities in this phase. You agree that we offer this access without any representation, rule or warranty. We shall bear no responsibility for your damage or any issue that occurred to you due to the third parties.

If you are using any of the tools then it is done under your risks. Always check the terms and conditions of the third party providers.

8: Third party links

Some of the content, product or services that are offered by Carisoprodol Drugmart might be from third parties. When you click on the third party links you would be directly sent to it. In this scenario, we are not liable for evaluating any information or content. We do not warrant any accuracy of the product or services that are offered by the third parties.

In the similar fashion, we would not be liable for any damages that are occurred to you with related to goods or services. Always understand completely about the third party before engaging in any of the business or transaction with them. Any concerns, complaints or claims with regards to the third parties should be dealt with them and not to us.

9: Reviews and feedback

You can write your genuine feedback or reviews to us. However, make sure that it does not be abusive or harmful at any cost. Carisoprodol Drugmart might also reply to the comments individually. If any comment is pornographic, libelous or offensive then we have the right to remove it.

You also agree that any of your comments do not violate any right of the third party too. You are not supposed to spread any malicious virus to our site. You also agree that you would not offer any false mail address or masquerade. You would take up the responsibility for the comments that you have made.

10: Personal information

Any information that you have offered to Carisoprodol Drugmart is kept safe and secure. You can read the privacy policy in order to understand better.

11: Errors

There might be an error in the website with respect to the content, service pricing, shipping charges, offers and availability. In this scenario, we would take up the responsibility and correct the inaccuracies. We would also cancel the orders in this case.

12: Prohibited uses

The users are prohibited to do certain factors in the website. You are not supposed to use the site for any unlawful purpose, never practice any unlawful acts and you are not supposed to violate the intellectual property rights. Never ever harass, abuse, harm, intimidate or slander others with respect to gender, race, age, origin or disability.

You are not supposed to offer any false information to the website. A person is not supposed to use the website for any illegal purposes at any cost.

13: Disclaimer

This online pharmacy would not guarantee or provide any warrantee to use our service. It might not be error free, timely and might be interrupted. You should know that we also do not warrant that the service that you get is reliable or accurate.

We might cancel any of the service from you at any time and we would not send any notice to you. The services can be any of our users and this can be done only at their risks. This is because in no scenarios the employee, agents or service providers take up the responsibility for any damage, loss or injury. This includes lost revenue, loss of data, replacement costs, lost profits, or any kind of damages.

14: Indemnification

You are supposed to protect and defend the site and also our subsidiaries, service providers, suppliers, agents, partners, licensors, officers, employees or directors. Never ever violate the terms and conditions of this online pharmacy as well as the third parties.

15: Termination

When you want to terminate the service that you are using then you have to notice us about the same. Only after this you can withdraw your account and stop using our services. However if it is found that you are misusing our services and are not abiding by the terms and conditions then we have the right to terminate your product and service right away. We would not offer any notice prior doing it.

16: Agreement

Carisoprodol Drugmart would follow the terms and conditions properly and we would not violate it at any circumstance. Those who are using our site be it a browser, reader, customer, supplier or any kind of person who is engaging with us are all supposed to follow the agreement.

Each and every terms and condition is supposed to be followed and there is no denying in it. If there is any violation in any one of the conditions we would still restrict or terminate your usage.

17: Governing law

Every terms and condition that is mentioned in this online pharmacy is constructed based on the law of our country. We follow the law properly and we also expect the users of the site to abide by it too.

18: Modification of the terms and conditions

Carisoprodol Drugmart might want to protect the laws and also the policies in the country. We keep on updating the terms and conditions very frequently. The reason behind this is that we want to follow the laws properly.

You cannot expect us to send the notice to every person prior changing the terms and conditions. Even if you are a loyal customer we would not send any mails regarding the change in the service.

As soon as the terms and conditions are modified and uploaded it would immediately come in to practice. You cannot claim that you did not read or know about the change. This is the reason why we would want you to check this page more often and stay updated.

If you are aware or unaware about the changes made in the site the result is still the same. We would only consider that you have read it.

19: Eligibility

Those who are above 18 years of age are only supposed to create the account with us. We would not collect any details from people under the eligibility age. In case we have mistakenly collected it you can let us know and we would delete it immediately.

The terms and conditions would be the same for everyone and you should follow it.