I must share this interesting (at least for me) story to all you folks how I ended up buying tramadol online. The juicy part is that I initially tried to buy the pill without a prescription and that is how I got to meet a doctor by profession. I am not sure about the name as it was kind of Irish.

Buy Tramadol Online
Buy Tramadol Online

Just like all others I too tried to buy the drug online but failed then with the help of my friends, I made up a prescription by myself and tried to buy the tramadol online but again I failed. I hoped I can buy the drug online without the help of any body.

So I searched in Google as where to buy tramadol without prescription and I ended up with many sites, out of which most of them were fake.

There was a site which displayed online help and this is how I ended meeting the doctor I was saying about.

I began the chat and there was some automated message that I got as my replies but later I understood that they were not automated messages. The person on the other end asked me what my problem was and I told exactly what I wanted, which is a pain killer. She suggested me tramadol but to order tramadol online, a prescription is a must. And I thought again to myself, I have been fooled again.

She said she will fix an appointment with one of their doctors who is currently available at free of cost. Having the free factor in my mind, I said yes and fixed an appointment the very next, as the place where the appointment was fixed, was few miles away from where I live.

Took a spin in my car, and reached the place before time.

Met the doctor and I must he was really friendly and helped me to sort the medical issue. He also advised me how to buy online, which I am sharing with you folks.

  • If you are planning to buy tramadol online, you should require a prescription, as the drug is a prescription drug alone. The chances of abusing the drug is high (That is when I understood why I was not able to get the drug online without a prescription)
  • Many online drug stores tend to fake the customers and to make sure that you are not faked, he said few valuable tips like checking the privacy policy, terms, conditions, return policy, shipping policy, registration number, license number and SSL certificate. If the entire mentioned are transparent and available, the online drug store is a trustworthy site to buy.
  • I have seen many physicians suggest buying the drug from the pharmacy which is nearby and get their cut in the profit. I was shocked to hear that this particular physician suggested buying online.
  • He said that buying Tramadol online from sites like provides the buyer to compare the price between two different online drug stores whereas this is not possible with the local drug stores. To compare the price between two different local drug stores, you will have to spend too much of energy, which I totally agree to what he says.

Thanks to the doctor, who helped me get tramadol for my pain that I had in my back and it is almost more than 6 months that I met him and I am still able to recollect how I ended up meeting him in such an embarrassing situation, where I failed to buy tramadol online and meeting a doctor free of cost.

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